Soul Centered Yoga

Soul Centered Yoga

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Your life will not change dramatically when you are able to do an advanced arm balance or bring your legs behind you head. Nor will it make you a better or more conscious person. Yoga happens when you realize that you are not the pose and let go of your attachment.




21 years of professional instruction

Classes at Yogaworks Studios at locations in Santa Monica and Playa Vista, CA.

Classes balance precise instruction, alignment with breath, and fluid movement.

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Teacher Training

E-RYT 500-HOUR, YogaWorks Certified

Training programs at YogaWorks Santa Monica Teacher Training Center

200 Hour Teacher Training Program
300 Hour Teacher Training & Mentoring

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Winter Weekend Retreat
Ojai, CA

Bali Essential Yoga Retreat with Birgitte
Summer 2017
Villa Selat, Bali

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Soul Centered Yoga

Soul Centered Yoga

My Intention

yoga teacher

Yoga can be defined as the joining of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is practice that can assist us in moving from the outside to the inside, connecting us with the essence of who we are.

My purpose as a yoga teacher is to facilitate the journey of moving into a place of stillness through working the poses, connecting with your breath, and observing your thoughts. I like to encourage students to listen to their bodies, to respect and honor themselves.

My intention as a teacher is to facilitate the journey and to put the soul back into yoga.

Birgitte Kristen Yoga Teacher

Soul Centered Yoga