Yoga Reverse Warrior Pose

Birgitte Kristen

I like to encourage students to listen to their bodies, to respect & honor themselves.
My intention as a teacher is to facilitate the journey and to put the soul back into yoga.

~ Birgitte Kristen

A little about me

I grew up in Denmark. At the age of 19 I had the opportunity to move to Los Angeles where I started studying psychology, massage therapy, meditation, & yoga. Yoga ultimately became my passion. I started teaching full time in 1993.

Yoga has been, and continues to be a healing modality for me. Since my early teens I suffered from anxiety, OCD, and later, an eating disorder.

Through the practice of yoga I was able to find a place of inner calm, and a sense of connectedness, which in turn motivated me to help others.

Soul Centered Yoga

My intention as a yoga teacher is to facilitate the journey of moving into a place of stillness by working the poses, connecting with our breath, and observing our thoughts.

In many ways, yoga is about clearing any obstructions which seperate us from who we innately are so instead we can experience wholeness.

Yoga is a beautiful and profound practice that can benefit all of us at any age.

Soul Centered Yoga

Influences & Experience

I have studied with many great teachers, who at different times in my life taught me about myself and helped me grow.

These are the teachers who influenced me the most: Erich Schiffman, Lisa Walford, Maty Ezraty, Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow and John Friend.

I continue learning from all my co-trainers, fellow teachers, and especially my students.